If you're looking for investment opportunities in the real estate market, you may have heard of Nerja, a picturesque town on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Over the years, Nerja has gained a reputation as an attractive place to invest, and in this article, we will explore some of the reasons that could have contributed to its appeal and profitability.


Why invest in Nerja Carabeo Beach

  1. Endless Tourism: Nerja stands as a coveted tourist destination thanks to its dreamy beaches, exceptional climate, and stunning natural surroundings. The constant influx of tourists fuels continuous demand in the real estate sector, making it an attractive option for investors interested in the vacation rental market.

  2. Real Estate Market: The Costa del Sol has historically been a magnet for foreigners seeking second homes or investment properties. In this context, strategically located Nerja has capitalized on this trend to offer attractive opportunities in the real estate market.

  3. Enviable Quality of Life: The Mediterranean climate, exceptional landscape, and relaxed lifestyle make Nerja a place where many aspire to settle. This has not only contributed to the appeal of the town for investors but has also increased the demand for properties for those seeking a high-quality life.

  4. Accessible Infrastructure: Accessibility is key in any real estate investment. Nerja benefits from its proximity to airports and efficient transportation connections, facilitating the arrival of visitors and contributing to a constant flow of tourists. The airport is just 45 minutes away, and the Sierra Nevada ski resorts are just 1 hour away.

  5. Sustainable Development: The focus on sustainable development and the preservation of the natural environment has been a distinctive feature of Nerja. This policy limits excessive development and maintains property scarcity, which could contribute to the increase in the value of real estate investments over time.

  6. Continuous Growth: Nerja's ability to maintain its allure and charm over the years has played a fundamental role in its steady growth as an investment destination. Sustained demand and the preservation of its unique identity are factors that may have contributed to its long-term profitability.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need professional guidance regarding the choice of a real estate property to invest in the Nerja area.


¿Would you like to buy a property in Nerja and still do not know the area well?


From DeseaHomes real estate we want to clarify the different areas in which Nerja is divided and what each of them can contribute to buyers, visitors or customers who consider acquiring a property in Nerja.


We are real estate agents born in Nerja and we know the area perfectly, so if after reading this article you have any questions, you can contact us. If you want to invest in a property in Nerja we can also help you, since we have records of several properties as far as holiday rental income is concerned.


Direct to the point:


If you enter google maps what you can see from Nerja is this:


Nerja different areas

It is very difficult to know how Nerja really is divided and how the locals know it by taking a look at the map, since even most of the main names that appear are not representative.


From DeseaHomes we have prepared the following map to help our customers:

Diferent areas to live in Nerja

Now, we tell you what each of them can offer you and what positive or negative points they can have:


Place to live in Nerja 1: CAPISTRANO


Capistrano is one of the most sought after areas by clients interested in finding a property in Nerja. Mostly foreigners live. It is a very quiet area but which in turn has an atmosphere.

Capistrano is divided into several zones. The main ones are: Capistrano Village, San Juan de Capistrano and Oasis de Capistrano.

different  areas to live in Nerja

different areas to live in Nerja Capistranocapistrano village pool different areas to live in nerja


This area of ??Nerja conformed by the previous urbanizations for the most part, have the same style: white houses, with landscaped areas very well maintained and with a cozy Andalusian style and that makes many of Nerja's visitors fall in love. All of them have communal swimming pools. It is located in the northeast area of ??Nerja.

This is your ideal area if you are looking for tranquility, an Andalusian style with white houses and if you really enjoy the beautiful common areas that all these urbanizations possess.

With respect to the distance with the center is about 10-15 minutes walk from the center. It all depends on which area of ??Capistrano it is, but it is very well connected by bus with all areas of Nerja. This is a very positive aspect too, in case of renting the property.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that due to all the costs of maintaining such exhausted maintenance, the community price in Capistrano is high.

There are usually no parking problems.

This is a very brief explanation of Capistrano area. If you would like to receive extra information about the area or to know any property for sale in the area just contact us:


Area to buy a property in Nerja 2: BURRIANA


Burriana is the area around the famous Burriana beach. It is undoubtedly the most tourist beach in Nerja and where you can find more services: kayaking trips, balloon trips, pedal boats, jet sky ...

This area to live in Nerja is separated from the rest of the town because it is uneven, in a lower area. Actually, it's not far from the center. For example, it is about 5 or 10 minutes' walk from Carabeo Street, which is one of the most emblematic streets of Nerja. This street connects with the balcony of Europe. The fact of being in unevenness makes it more uncomfortable to move from this beautiful area.

The best-known areas of Burriana is Capistrano Playa which is the most incredible urbanization in Nerja due to the fact that it is built around a lake. Years ago, couples went to this beautiful place to take their wedding photos. The disadvantage of this urbanization is the steps: it was built in a hill so there are changes of levels all around the complex.

capistrano playa nerja


The second place that makes up the "Burriana" area is "Chimenea". Chimenea corresponds to the area built in the upper left of the beach. In its great majority, it is conformed by terraced houses and villas. "Chimenea" is an area very similar to Capistrano. The positive aspect is that the properties in this form are part of smaller owner communities and maintenance costs are generally lower. Being a small area there is not much offer of properties for sale in this area.


chimenea different areas to live in Nerja

Of course, around the beach, there are several sets of apartments, which rarely go on sale and due so at very high prices.

The Burriana area is an area with a fairly high price since there are fewer properties in this area, and therefore it is more complicated to find properties for sale in this area and this causes prices to rise.

As a negative aspect, it should be noted that in winter it is not an area with a lot of ambient. The vast majority of owners are not local people.


It is an area very well connected by bus to the center. Free Parking in summer is very difficult although there is paid parking place and there are monthly fees plans.


Area to buy a property in Nerja 3: Nerja-Centro


Nerja is not a town whose center is concentrated in a small number of streets. The center of Nerja is quite large and does not have a clear limit.

The tourist center of Nerja and the busiest area throughout the year is the "Balcony of Europe". From here to approximately the central bus station of Nerja we can consider downtown.

different areas to live in nerja Balcon de Europa


It is an area mostly populated by local people. Here are the majority of businesses and leisure areas. It is a very comfortable area to live in. The main problem it has is parking, especially in summer. As for advice a place where there is always parking in the public parking right next to the Mercadona supermarket:


Places to park in Nerja for free


As for the type of housing that is usually found in the center, it is mostly apartments or flats.

This is your area if you intend to do most of your day to day on foot, you like the atmosphere and you don't mind the hustle and bustle of the center. It is a very good area to rent so if your idea is to invest it can also be your ideal area.

different areas of Nerja


Area to buy a property in Nerja 4: Almijara


Almijara is an area located in the upper area of ??Burriana. It is conformed by several urbanizations and in its majority, it is formed by terraced houses.

It is an area formed by families looking for a mix between tranquility and closeness to the center. It is a popular area both among locals and foreigners.

In almijara there is a very popular event in Nerja called "mercadillo". It is an open-air market where all kinds of items are sold.


mercadillo nerja popular places to live

It is a very good area if you have pets or you like sports since there are 2 sports centers in this area, in addition the Nerja municipal swimming pool is nearby. On the other hand, in Almijara there is access to the Chillar River and it is an area with few vehicles which facilitate running, cycling, hiking or walking your dog. In addition, one of the most positive aspects is that there are no parking problems and the access to Burriana beach is also within walking distance.

It is an area not very popular among foreign buyers, who tend to go more towards areas such as Nerja center or Capistrano, but in reality, it is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a large property, in a quiet area without parking problems.

Pool almijara nerja place to live


These are the views of one of our properties for sale in the area:

almijara place to live house for sale


Area to buy a property in Nerja 5: Torrecilla


This area is named after the famous Torrecilla beach and it is the whole area around this beautiful beach. It could even be classified as a downtown area but it is an area so sought by property buyers in Nerja that it deserves a particular mention. It is a few minutes walk from the "balcony of Europe" therefore it can be considered as a downtown area. Although within the center area you can also include more western areas, near "el playazo" beach which is the last beach of Nerja to the west.

torrecilla is your place to live nerja

Why do so many people want to buy a property in this area?

It is very close to the sea, it is also very close to the most emblematics area of ??nerja that is the balcony of Europe and is an area with a lot of life because it has the "plaza de los cangrejos", which is a square with access to the beach Torrecilla and several restaurants, in addition to Mediterranean Avenue, which has one of the best hotels in Nerja "RIU MONICA" and all kinds of cafes, bars, and restaurants. So as a summary of its popularity is its proximity to the most tourist areas of Nerja and its great atmosphere.


torrecilla place to live in Nerja


Area to buy a property in Nerja 6: Pueblo Rocío


Pueblo Rocío is an area on the outskirts of Nerja. It is an area that is very close to the LIDL supermarket in Nerja. It can be accessed on foot from the center but it is advisable to own a car.

It is an area of ??apartments, townhouses and villas. It is quite wide. It is not a very popular area to acquire a property in Nerja. Despite this, it is a quiet area, with beautiful properties and excellent price. In fact, the only convincing explanation that buyers do not look for it so much is the walking distance from the center.

Despite this, it is correctly communicated with the center through public transport and the quality-price in this area is one of the best in the town. It has a gym nearby and the LIDL supermarket too. There are no restaurants or shops in this complex.

Here are some pictures:

places to live in Nerja pueblo rocio

jardines de la noria places to live in nerja

la noria place to live nerja


Area to buy a property in Nerja 7: "Fuente del Baden"


"Fuente del Badén" is divided into two main parts:

The first is formed by urbanizations with the same Capistrano construction style: Andalusian-style white houses surrounded by gardens.


fuente del baden nerja place to live


The second part of the "Fuente del Badén" is the only large area currently being built in Nerja. It is a large plot located in the eastern part of Capistrano village. It is a great area if what you are looking for is a modern style property. All types of homes are being built: townhouses, apartments, and villas.

It is an area that is going to become a very popular area since it is going to become the only place in Nerja formed entirely by modern properties with contemporary style.

One aspect to consider is that it is an area under construction and will not be a consolidated area until at least 5 more years.


place to live nerja fuente del baden


Area to buy a property in Nerja 8: Punta Lara


Punta Lara is an area that is located on the outskirts of Nerja. It is on the border between Nerja and torrox. It is a very popular area among shoppers in Nerja. The views here are usually very good since it has the "el playazo" beach just in front and this urbanization is in an elevated position.

The purchase price, despite being on the outskirts, is not a low price. There is an atmosphere of tranquility and this area is mostly frequented by foreigners. There are usually no parking problems.

It should be noted that in this area there are restaurants, bars or businesses such as hostels. A very famous restaurant and hostel in Nerja that is in this area is "Avalon". Dese DeseaHomes we recommend visiting this restaurant.

If you are looking for a quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle, you plan to move by car to the city center and you like the sea views "Punta Lara" could be your ideal place in Nerja


places to live in nerja punta lara

places to live in Nerja punta lara


Of course, this has only been a small summary. If you would like us to help you in your search for your ideal property in Nerja we will be happy to help you without obligation. We can also advise you regarding investment returns on a property in Nerja.


Types of ceramic floors:
They are governed as the kings of the market, offering a very competitive price with great durability. They combine tradition, innovation and versatility; being able to find a variety of prices, sizes and finishes almost unlimited.

They are soils with a lot of thermal transmittance, this makes it cold soils, which contribute to the thermal comfort of the space in summer. This cooling effect can be regulated in winter using insulating elements such as carpets or other fabrics, although it is not usually a handicap in areas near the sea with a mild climate. This same property also makes it a very interesting material for underfloor heating systems, since they heat up quickly increasing the efficiency of the system.


Cooked mud: Porous, coarse, warm and almost obsolete, it gives the space a rustic touch for a price much lower than the rest of the options. Most used outdoors, it is a material that can absorb some dirt, but with a very dignified aging.




Vitrified stoneware: Widely used in tiles on walls and even in crafts, it ranks as number two in the list price list and can be a good option for finishes in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor areas. It is found in a large number of sizes, conforming from tiles and mosaics to large floors. 




porcelain stoneware: The most chosen at present, has an interesting catalog that delights the most demanding, being able to find even with texture or imitating options as varied as wood or rust. Its durability is higher, although the carbon footprint is also somewhat higher.

One of the best aspects to highlight is its darability to blows, also in the case of breakage of a porcelain piece the cracks are hidden very easily thanks to the fact that the color of the inside of the piece is equal to the outer layer, it is something that does not happen with the vitrified stoneware since the color of the piece is brown (mud) inside.

The sores can reduce until they are almost eliminated, giving a continuous clean appearance. It is an excellent option for both exterior and interior spaces being a product of a higher quality than the rest of the list, although its price is also somewhat higher.




wooden floors:

One of the big questions when it comes to conditioning a house is whether to put parquet or floating flooring and that there are many types of wood finish that the main question when choosing is between a natural floor such as parquet or a laminate flooring like the floating floor.


Floating flooring: When we talk about floating flooring, we refer to a wood-like laminate flooring, the general characteristic of this type of flooring is that it gives the property a warm and pleasant touch, if you are the type of person who prefers to take off your shoes before entering home this soil is ideal, usually our recommendation is to use this type of soil in cold climates.The maintenance of the soil is very simple and does not need any special treatment besides in case of breakage you should simply change a table for another without doing work

One of the most positive points is the wide variety of laminate floors, being able to find almost unlimited wood tones, when choosing your ideal floor, do not look directly for the cheapest price since the only thing you will find will be smooth finishes that do not get an effect wood.

To finish, we would like to clarify that we can also find the platform in the market, unlike the floating platform, if it is made of natural wood, its shape when it is mounted is different, these are placed on top of rattles, that is, some wooden guides which rise a few centimeters from the ground, this separation is very beneficial for the person who uses it to the ground since it will avoid possible moisture seepage and better acoustic and thermal insulation by the air chamber between the floor and the floor of the House.




Parquet: when we refer to parquet we talk about natural wood floors (oak, chestnut, iroko, olive, beech, etc.). The general characteristic, like the platform, is that it provides greater comfort when walking around the house.

One of the most positive features is that they are unique pieces so the mosaic effect does not occur and the same drawings are not repeated in two different pieces if it is true that when choosing a finish or another we can not find as much variety as laminate flooring (floating floor

Keep in mind that natural wood floors have a more exhaustive maintenance since once placed every few years it would have to be varnished or oiled depending on the type of parquet chosen, but as a positive point when repairing a broken piece simply must be sanded and re-varnished without changing the wood or doing work.




Stone floors:

When spoken of stone we can differentiate two types, on the one hand we have the natural stone which gives a more stately finish as it is a noble stone, others are placed without leaving space between pieces in this way it offers us a more continuous aspect to the ground, As a positive way, since it is a natural material, it does not contain substances harmful to health, it is not flammable and it is a magnificent acoustic and thermal insulator, providing the necessary freshness in summer and the warmth demanded by winter.



On the other hand we have the artificial stone are composed of high density plastic or cement that is molded to mimic the texture and surface of a stone, in the case of interior floors or tiles are mostly imitations of stones in vitrified stoneware or Barnaclean, Although artificial stone has many colors and patterns to choose from, but not as natural as natural stone, Its most common use is in bathroom tiles, facades, countertop and floors


Natural stones are more common in outdoor pavements or public areas which suffer greatly from the passage of people and different temperature changes that are why natural stones are installed as you aggressively erode it and therefore are more durable, on the contrary If a house is artificial stone, they fulfill their purpose, they do not need much maintenance and the specimens are cheaper.


Under our recommendation, if you are thinking of choosing an artificial stone to decorate walls or floors that are porcelain pieces since they are more resistant and of a superior quality.



Concrete floors:

Concrete floors offer an important variety, perfect for all tastes. You can choose a floor with more or less shine, depending on how polished it is. Or choose a matte finish, in which the cement is protected with a sealant. It all depends on the effect you want to achieve.
In our opinion, the important thing is to choose the right level of brightness so that it is neither too matt nor too bright. In addition, you can combine it with carpets and light wood furniture to give a warmer air to the space.



Many people ask, what is the difference between a printed and polished concrete floor? The answer is simple, both are pavements with a high resistance that differ in the finish of the tread.
Polished concrete flooring, as its name suggests, is polished on its surface with a machine that is completely smooth, without roughness. However, the print is rough and a mold is applied in order to achieve certain geometric shapes and drawings.
Printed concrete is frequently used outdoors. Concrete stamping can mimic stone, tiles, pavers, slate or other surfaces on, terraces, pool contours, gardens, garages, parking lots and others.


Printed concrete has great strength and quality, this type of floor is superior to other types of outdoor flooring such as ceramic floors.

The recommendation that we give is only to use this type of pavement for vehicle crossing areas such as an access to a villa or the parking area, and leave the outdoor areas such as terraces or pool areas of a more elegant material such as It can be a porcelain floor of the imitation that you like the most: wood, stone...




Of course we would like to finish without explaining the advantages of concrete, one of the great advantages is its costs since we can afford to have a floor with very good finishes and highly resistant more economical than other market options, as we have commented it has a great resistance either to withstand large loads such as changes in weather conditions for outdoor floors, also one of the great concern when placing a floor is the maintenance to be applied but in concrete floors maintenance is very simple , simply pass the broom when it has dirt and scrub as if it were another floor treated with polished concrete floor product, and in the case of the concrete printed for outdoor use simply by sweeping it would be enough.




If you have come here looking for your luxury villa, modern style and with the best qualities on the Costa del Sol has reached the right place.

DeseaHomes works exclusively with these exceptional new construction products located in the eastern part of the Costa del Sol, specifically in a quiet residential area called Torrox Park. This exclusive area just 5 minutes from Nerja has everything you need to settle on the Costa del Sol and live the life you want: tranquility, sun and beautiful views of the sea. Torrox is listed as the town with the best climate in Europe, and of course it has not been a coincidence.

Here you can see the style and qualities with which we work. As can be seen in the photographs the property is delivered fully furnished, with the best qualities, solar panels, security alarms, parking space or garage, (depends on the property in particular), complete furniture included in the price, outdoor furniture, salt water pool, large basements, solarium area with incredible sea views ...


 Modern and avant-garde style

modern style villa in torrox park, Costa del sol

 Space and luminosity 

modern style villa in torrox park

  Exclusivity within reach of anyone 

moderns style villa in torrox park Costa del sol

 Ready to live and enjoy NOW!

villa de lujo en torrox park


These are images of our pilot homes, which are already sold, but in the sector we still have projects to build several more houses of the same characteristics, some of them finishing being built and still for sale, and with similar prices. Best of all is the exceptional price of these properties. Something totally unusual in the luxury market on the Costa del Sol: our properties range from € 399,000 to € 470,000, depending on characteristics, meters, and so on.

The promoter that is responsible for its construction has more than 40 years of experience in the sector and has a long list of happy customers, for their service, for their treatment and the great confidence generated by a company that does things well.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information about these products. The opportunity to acquire the house of your dreams is not presented every day.


 Some of our projects 

If you are looking for a luxurious villa on the Costa del Sol on one level, with a large private garage, private pool and the best finishes, or maybe you are looking for a villa with different heights with different terraces and excellent sea views we have what you are looking for . At the moment we have properties just for sale, properties about to finish or future projects that in a few months will be finished. Clicking on the following links you can access them easily and simply:  399.000€420.000€450.000€

On our website,  you can find several properties of different characteristics along the Costa del Sol. If you need advice or advice on the Costa del Sol, as are the prices on the market or guidance on the different procedures To continue to acquire a home in Andalusia we will be happy to help you.





Do you want to sell your home faster?

If your goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible from Top Homely, we explain what "Home Staging" is and how it can help speed up the sales process. The Home Staging is based on carrying out certain actions to give a more attractive aspect to a home with the aim of selling it as soon as possible. "Home Staging" means staging, and focuses on enhancing the strengths and minimizing your weak points as much as possible.

It's based on:

- Depersonalize

- Order

- Clear

- Clean

- Repair

- Organize space and harmonize

Why use home staging?

After this explanation, rather technical, of what is home staging, we will go on to explain from our point of view and our experience how it is put into practice and why it is so useful.


This image exemplifies very well how this method is based. Nowadays houses are no longer sold with numbers. The numbers are sold by themselves and it is not necessary to repeat them over and over again. Taking into account that the buyer who is visiting the house already knows the data of the same, the property is visited looking for that "feeling" that is to be had when you enter what may be your future home. That is why this set of techniques is carried out, to present the home with the aim that the person in question, through the visit, can be seen living there. To apply it correctly we can not forget the importance of small details and the fact that the first impression is worth gold.

This is why the key words when we speak of home staging are: depersonalization, order and cleanliness.

On the other hand, if you are an owner and you want to sell your home you should not put barriers when it comes to making a small reform or redecorating your home, thinking only of the costs and the problems that may entail. Next, I explain why:

We speak from experience, if we say that many of the sales do not end by closing small details, or because although the price is fair and is in the area where he wants, the person does not "fill" the house. This is why it does not matter if the price increases as long as the home is attractive to potential buyers, because people, despite being rational beings, also let ourselves be carried away by our instincts and our emotions.

Why use a professional to sell your house faster?

It is difficult for a person who has lived several years in their home to be objective when applying the advice that we have given previously, and give neutrality to the housing that is sought in these cases. Another noteworthy aspect is photography. Normally you do not have the equipment and the right knowledge to carry out a professional photo studio.

From Top Homely we will be at your disposal for any questions that may arise and we will help you in everything that is in our hands, with the intention that you can sell your house in the shortest possible time.



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